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ALBANY, NY Today, elected officials rallied with child welfare advocates and behavioral

health providers to call on New York State to ensure all New York children receive the

behavioral health care they need and are legally entitled to. Given the rising rate of youth

suicide in New York and shortage of mental health care professionals across the state, The

Campaign for Healthy Minds, Healthy Kids and elected officials including Assembly member

Richard Gottfried, State Senator Velmanette Montgomery, State Senator Gustavo Rivera and

Assembly member Linda Rosenthal demand the State puts a stop to all cuts to children’s

behavioral health care. They also want to ensure that children in need of behavioral health

treatment are not negatively impacted by looming Medicaid cuts. The State must fulfill its

commitment to increasing access to behavioral health services for all children and adolescents.


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Children of the Crisis

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1 in 4 Opioid ODs Involves Kids and Teens

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Telemedicine Allows Treatment Over Phone Or By a Similar Connection

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Some States Are Now Offering Mental Health Days Off To Students

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Poverty Linked to Higher Adolescent Suicide Rates

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Lawmakers Tackle Youth Mental Health Issues

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State of the State addresses child welfare, homelessness and health care

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Medicaid cuts fix just a small percentage of budget deficit 

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New York slashing Medicaid payments by 1% as state faces massive $6 billion budget 


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New York to slash Medicaid payments by 1 percent 

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Cuomo administration to cut Medicaid by 1 percent effective Jan. 1  

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December 30, 2019: Mental health funding, featuring Andrea Smyth
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Report challenges cuts to mental health services for children
also placed in City & State NYN Media and Politico morning roundups
Jennifer Henderson, Crain's Health Pulse, 12/17/19

Advocates: NY rate cuts will harm children's mental health care

Bethany Bump, Albany Times Union, 12/9/19

The campaign is a coalition of behavioral health (mental health and substance use) providers, advocates, and New York families, joining together to call on the State to fulfill the promise of PARITY – advancing access to behavioral health care for all children and families.

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